1. Album cover artwork: PHINE

    Album cover artwork: PHINE

    For Phine, we developed a brand identity that would fit the release of her single 'conclusions' and later on her EP 'confessions of the mind'. We t...
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  2. Music Artist Sonny Miles

    Music Artist Sonny Miles

    Sonny Miles is an emerging soul & RnB artist from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. His sound is old school but he describes his style as Gal...
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  3. VriendenLoterij Fonds

    VriendenLoterij Fonds

    We designed artwork exclusively for the dutch podcast “Wij zijn kunstenaar” which is directly translatable to “We are artists”. The podcast is fund...
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  4. TJAQ Glassware

    TJAQ Glassware

    TJAQ is a vintage glassware resell brand. The owners find outspoken glassware in thrift shops and resell them online. We helped them create a brand...
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