VriendenLoterij Fonds

by Teddy Designs

We designed artwork exclusively for the dutch podcast “Wij zijn kunstenaar” which is directly translatable to “We are artists”. The podcast is funded by the VriendenLoterij Fonds a organisation which supports artists and entrepreneurs who aim to contribute to dutch society in an extraordinary way.

In this podcast Dide Vonk investigates if art can cause sustainable change within society. Every two weeks she interviews radical artists and thinkers who involve people from all layers of society into their art projects. Wij zijn Kunstenaar is a podcast created by De Makers podcast

The vriendenloterij specifically asked to implement their already existing colour scheme and font. We decided to only use the outline of the font to create transparency. This relates to the transparency given by the artists in the podcast about their creation process. We really get an inside look into their world. The artists in this podcast collaborate with several different people and institutes. The two overlapping blocks are a reference to these collaborations. Once the building blocks come together they form something completely new. Two different entities who create something new together. Ultimately this is what the podcast is about. On the bottom we find the logo of the vriendenloterij fonds which is ultimately the foundation of this project. 

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