Kaishū Cosmetics

by Teddy Designs

Modern cosmetics improved with ancient philosophies. Vegan skincare, soap bars with natural ingredients and bathroom essentials made out of organic bamboo. All products are influenced by the japanese ancient philosophy Ikigai which can be loosely translate to 'your purpose in life'. Kaishū can be translated to the english word 'refurbish'. A down to earth, natural and purpose full brand. 

This logo has a somewhat flowing font. It's very loose and has a spiritual feeling to it. The word Kaishū ends with the letter ū. In this logo the letter can be looked at as the original letter or a jar with a lid on it. This image relates to the brands skincare products and packaging. 

Several designs of this identity are available in the webshop. 

Disclaimer: This is a fictitious case created by Studio Teddy.

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