Hotel Calma

by Teddy Designs

Hotel Calma – A refreshing dip in the pool on a sizzling hot day surrounded by your favourite people, practicing aimless activities and simply enjoying extraordinary nature around. A brand identity which embodies what it’s like to spend your summer holiday in Spain

For this brand identity I subdivided the core character of Hotel Calma into three main pillars: People, aimless activities and extraordinary nature. In my opinion these are the three main things you need for the perfect summer holiday. The ultimate purpose of a summer holiday is to Calm down.

Every color of this identity belongs to one of the pillars. Fluorescent chartreuse belongs to people, Fuschia embodies aimless activities and sky blue belongs to the enjoyment of extraordinary nature.

For the logo i used a classic Serif font because the location of the hotel is very authentic. The word Calma is solid because it's the name of the hotel and at the same time the ultimate purpose of a summer holiday. T
he word hotel is see through because it is insignificant. The six pointed watermark stands for the holistic and balanced aspects that all have to be in place to experience ultimate ‘calma’ which literally means: calmness, to calm down. 

Several designs of this identity are available in the webshop. 


Disclaimer: This is a fictitious case created by Studio Teddy.

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